Men's Grooming Industry Is Estimated to Bring In $21 Billion in 2016

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The men's grooming business is reportedly booming and has since 2013.

According to the Independent, the website MrPorter reported a 300 percent growth in men's beauty and grooming products in 2015. The top 10 markets that are booming for men's toiletries since 2010 include Brazil, South Korea, the US, Germany, India and the UK.

This growth in the men's grooming industry has expanded all over the world and is estimated to accumulate $21 billion in revenue in 2016.

Elodie Bohuon, Selfridges beauty buyer of men's grooming market says "Men are starting to get more and more knowledgeable about beauty and are paying attention to their looks: haircare is the biggest category, with shaving coming second."

So, although men are paying more attention and are more knowledgable about beauty products, "Women still play a very important role in that market. A very big percentage of women are still buying men's grooming lines as gifts, or on behalf of partners."

Source: Independent