Move Over Grumpy Cat, Grumpy Dog Is In The Building!

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Apparently, GQ Magazine has found the next animal sensation online. Last year, it was Grumpy Cat, who had a mean snarl on his mug. Now, Grumpy Dog is surfacing and making headlines everywhere. Check out some of the reason's GQ feels this pup is mad as fuck.

  • His favorite sitcoms don't do enough bone jokes.
  • His parents got him kibble but no bits. Everyone knows bits are the best part.
  • The mailman insists on coming almost every day, that son of a bitch.
  • He didn't get into Westminster because he failed the interview portion.
  • He's in love with a cat, but the world won't allow him to be open about his feelings.
  • His stupid parents keep pointing a camera at him instead of playing with him.

While a few of these could very well be true, but we think animals are pissed off in general. Humans live the good life, free and roaming. Meanwhile dogs are detained by leashes, fed on schedules and walked 2-3 times a day. And in some cases, can't get no sex until allowed, or never at all if neutered.

I mean, c'mon - i'm just saying... Wouldn't you be grumpy too?! Leave your thoughts below in the comments section and be sure crack a joke or two with this one.