Music Artists Please Avoid Spam Tweeting Your Music, It Doesn't Work And Can Hurt Your Brand Image

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Social media is such a beneficial tool in terms of marketing and increasing brand awareness across all platforms.

Businesses, companies, artists, musicians and etc are able to easily interact with their fans and consumers, while at the same time, market their brand message.

However, this tool can be easily abused and misused.

Since joining HYPEFRESH as a COO, I've checked out a lot of great music from talented individuals who've been under the radar. And I love it! But, what can prevent me from listening to some potentially great artists is Twitter music spamming.

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So, what's consider Twitter music spamming?

Twitter music spamming is the action of tweeting and asking multiple people to check out your music without any personalized messages.

Every day at HYPEFRESH, we sort through various emails that contain music and videos from upcoming and established artists. This doesn't include the tweets that we receive on HYPEFRESH's account and our personal accounts. So, if you add that into the equation, we get hundreds of submissions.

Now, I'm not always on Twitter so, I usually ask people to email us music when they can because not only do we have a very methodical process at HYPEFRESH for submissions but, I'm able to save it and check it out later when I can instead of sifting through my past tweets.

There are times when I do check out music that's tweeted to me because if I like it, I will ask the person to submit a press release or send information for us to consider for

However, 9 times out of 10, I don't, because of what I see when I click on the person's account.

Any time someone tweets me a song, I instantly go to their account and see A) Did they only tweet me this? or B) If not, did they at least send personalized messages to everyone that they tweeted?

If I do not say yes to either one, I usually don't listen to the song or watch the video. So, you may say, why don't you? Well, the effects of spamming are very impactful, and it goes beyond just music.

So, you can see, most people are constantly dealing with spam every day. So the last thing they would want is to receive more spam via Twitter.

So how can artists fix this problem that they may have?

  1. Make personalization a priority: Do you address your family, friends or even co-workers the same way? Probably not, which is why you shouldn't do the same for Twitter. If your song or video is of quality and has value, create additional context, benefits or messages that will make people want to look or listen.
  2.  Know your audience: Tweeting the same message to different audience groups doesn't work. Imagine speaking english to fluent Americans, not so fluent Americans and Spanish only speaking citizens. Not everyone will get the message, understand it or think it's good.
  3. Leverage relationships: Build relationships with different artists, journalists and fans. So, it'll be less about you spamming music and more about utilizing your loyal fan base and channels to doing the marketing for you. It's always important to have a marketing strategy and plan, but if you don't have it, utilize the power of relationships to further push your music.

Anyone who sends HYPEFRESH a well-thought out message deserves a listen or view. I can't guarantee that your song or music video will be posted, however, I can guarantee a listen or view simply based on the fact that you worked hard to develop a personalized message.

To thrive in the music industry, just like most industries, it is all about developing relationships, and increasing brand awareness through resonating messages. Twitter music spamming can prevent relationships and growth based on the general consensus that most people do not like spamming. And I can guarantee that most journalists, websites, publicists and even producers do not like music spamming and will more than likely not look at the content. If you build the necessary relationships, it makes it easier for you to submit music without having to jump over hurdles.

I hope this further helps people understand why it's important not to do music spamming on Twitter. Without a personalized message, it can not only prevent you from obtaining new views or listens but it can also hurt your brand awareness in the eyes of media websites and potential new fans. We want you to thrive and do well too by giving you an insight into some of the dos and don'ts. Use this to grab everyone's attention and hey, maybe you will be the next big thing in music.

Let's continue to re-define social media, re-define music, and re-define culture.