Mustapha Heron Crushes All Competition at Reebok's Breakout Tournament

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This kid got game, no puns or punchlines intended. Mustapha Heronstepped on ALL competition at the 2014 Reebok Classic Tournament, which took place at Philadelphia University's main gymnasium. He smelled blood like a shark in the water, and immediately attacked the basket every chance he could get. Whether through assists, blocks, steals, rebounds or a slam dunks, Mustapha was the unstoppable force on the court - no one could contain.

His astonishing skills have been recognized across the the country with many college scouts who have had eyes on him as of recent. After being offered scholarships to play for many Universities (to name a few) such as California, Maryland, Kansas State, & Cincinnati, Pittsburgh has been his school of choice in which he has already committed to upon graduation. The 6'5'' guard who currently attends Waterbury, CT (Sacred Heart ) plans on bringing his many athletic talents to Pennsylvania.

Heron is destined to make the NBA if he continues to play the way he is.  HYPEFRESH® could only imagine the impact he would have in the pro's if he keeps moving at this pace currently. We want to see him win by all means! Check out this awesome highlight reel of his performance and leave your comments below!