NAACP stands behind Rachel Dolezal

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NAACP stands behind Rachel Dolezal 4

Spokane, Washington NAACP leader was outed by her own parents as misrepresenting herself as a different race than she was born.

Dolezal was born in Montana to two caucasian parents. She has been estranged with them for some years but they have come forward with some shocking information. For years now she has been representing her self as a black women, getting a Masters degree at Howard University and teaching East Africana studies as an adjunct professor at Eastern Washington University.

Many took to Twitter to share their opinion about the situation, whether it was good or bad with the hashtag, #RachelDolezal. And out of this hashtag, some pretty fun memes have come out of the situation, we've got to admit.

Here are just of few of funny and creative memes that we found:

The NAACP still stands behind Dolezal and her efforts as President of her chapter and the work she has done with the organization. Read the statement here.

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