Naoka Foreman is a Las Vegas-based Documentarian, Journalist, and Advocate. Her journalistic career started in 2008 with a local magazine, "The Veg," since then Foreman has progressed into radio by assisting with content creation for an UNLV campus radio show, "Twice Talk" and internet-based HB Radio. In November 2017 Foreman took a leap of faith launching her own publication entitled "The Majority." "The Majority" is a monthly newsletter series that intends to discuss issues faced by the American people who are marginalized and disenfranchised.

Conveying her thoughts on the latest social media controversy, Naoka Foreman delivers a powerful article this month addressing H&M's contentious ad. In the article, Foreman ties in song lyrics from a Kendrick Lamar verse with the contextual differences in using the term "monkey." In the verse Kendrick recites, "I want you to recognize that I'm a proud monkey, you vandalize my perception, but can't take my style from me." Using the lyrics to help bring awareness to the problem, Foreman explains how the words in the H&M ad provoke racial undertones of blackness. Digital and print copies of "The Majority" are expected to be released with upcoming issues.