Nate Parker Launches Film School at HBCU Wiley College

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"About Alex" Premiere - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

Nate Parker is not just applying diversity in the film and arts world by his acting and scripts, but now has decided to impact the education system. By launching the Nate Parker School of Film and at the Texas HBCU Wiley College, he is enforcing more diversity in the Hollywood to come.

“The hope is that we cover all aspects of filmmaking, from sound, lighting and cinematography, to just studying film specifically with the cultural component and the history of film,” Parker told The Root.

Parker starred in the 2007 film ‘The Great Debator’, portraying people of color dealing of the struggles of education and respect in the 1930’s, and based on the very campus of his current film program. This campus is now where African American actors, writer, producers and more will be birthed.

The program officially starts in the fall, but will grant 30 high school and college students a chance to test-drive the course over the summer for a 9-week program.

“You control the moving picture, you control the masses. So really getting them rallied around the idea of reclaiming the narrative of America, specifically through the eyes of people of color,” Parker continued.

Both Parker and Wiley College announced the program over the weekend via twitter. Parker hasn’t taken any breaks yet and seems to be on a role of accomplishing the changes he wants to see in the film world.

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