Nate Parker’s "Birth Of A Nation" Receives Great Praise And Has Its Rights Sold For $17.5 Million

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birth of a nation

Given the recent controversy over the Oscar nominations and lack of diversity, here comes Nate Parker's written and directed slave drama called"Birth of a Nation."

The film debuted at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, and received a standing ovation once it was over. It chronicles Nat Turner's birth into slavery in the 1800s, and follows his journey of becoming a preacher, getting married, and eventually becoming a leader in a slave rebellion that leads to the death of dozens of white slave owners. After the film, a question and answer segment happened and Parker explained the difficulties in funding the movie.

“It was very difficult, for so many reasons,” Parker said. “I think any time we’re dealing with our history, specifically with slavery, I find that it has been desperately sanitized. There’s a resistance to dealing with this material.”

Parker also went on to talk about the importance of the film, and why he wanted to make it.

“I made this film for one reason, with the hope of creating change agents. That people can watch this film and be affected. That you can watch this film and see that there were systems that were in place that were corrupt and corrupted people and the legacy of that still lives with us,” said Parker. “I just want you, if you are affected and you are so moved, to ask yourself, ‘Are there systems in my life that need attention whether it be racial, gender?’ There are a lot of injustices.”

"Birth Of A Nation" was acquired by Fox Searchlight for $17.5 million, and will include other black actors such as Aja Naomi King, Gabrielle Union, and Quantico’s Aunjanue Ellis.