Negash Ali's 'Wandering Soul' Is Chillingly Impressive

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Not knowing what to expect, I clicked play.

For 3:03 in total I was captivated, amused, impressed and entertained. Not much was needed to do this, because the presentation of both song and video were equally exceptional.

Negash Ali, recently dropping his newest EP "Millenial Man", debuted on Complex, and now it's made it's way to the web pages of HYPEFRESH® Magazine. This Danish talent brings forth a distinguished creativity, blending what's "popular" in sonics of modern day music, with his nativity - accented flow and all.

"'Wandering Soul' is a fraught, emotional portrayal of a soul in a new city." Instantly connecting to it's vibration, we're sure most will too, as the track's infectious production and lyrical wordplay can easily become addictive to the brain.

”Wandering Soul” centers around being what it feels like to be new in a big city, scouring the place for energy and documenting the sensations, which is my favorite thing on earth to do.

The ”Millennial Man”EP portrays the modern man, who has alot going for him but somehow manages to make melancholy his object of affection. As if the world around him has made him numb.” - Negash Ali