Nepal Earthquake Kills More Than 1,900 People

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Image: Powerful earthquake hits Nepal
Nepal earthquake1

The death toll from the horrific Nepal earthquake has shot up above 1,900 on Sunday, according to The Guardian. Buildings, houses and aged temples were destroyed by the 7.8 earthquake.

Nepalese police officials said more than 700 people were killed in Kathmandu alone. An avalanche was trigged by the quake at the Mount Everest's base camp, killing at least 17 people and injuring 61 others, The Guardian reports.

This quake was the worst to hit Nepal in more than 80 years. It was strong enough to be felt all across several parts of India and China's region of Pakistan and Tibet.

Relief efforts were being hampered by a collapse in communications, raising fears that a widespread humanitarian disaster was unravelling across the impoverished Himalayan nation of 28m. “This is a very large earthquake in a significantly populated region with infrastructure that has been damaged in past earthquakes,” said a US Geological Survey seismologist, Paul Earle.

The United States pledged to send $1 million and a disaster response team to aid the recovery effort.

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