New Game Offers Perspective on Black Police Brutality Experience

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new black police brutality experience video game

With all of the recent instances and past instances of police brutality and unfair treatment of minorities by the police, RainBros has developed a new game aimed at providing people the unique perspective on being Black and dealing with the police.

The game, called andmaybetheywontkillyou, gives users the experience of being poor, Black and attempting to navigate the waters of how the simplest of actions can take a turn when dealing with police.

Here is a description of the game by RainBros:

"andmaybetheywontkillyou is a performative empathy experience about being poor and Black in America. Participants must journey to the local corner store in their own neighborhood while deflecting various micro-aggressions as well as harassment by law enforcement. Choose to speak out or remain silent and deal with the consequences of your choices."

Obviously a game cannot fully immerse you in a true life or death situation but it does provide some insight for those who may not fully grasp the gravity of being Black in America.