New Mighty Squirrel Protein Packed Beer For Men

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mighty squirrel beer

There is a new beer out...why is it special? Because it is packed with protein!

Mighty Squirrel co-founders Henry Manice and Naveen Pawar created the first-ever high protein crafted beer.

The beer comes in two versions, the Mighty Squirrel Original and the Squirrel Light. Both contain five grams of protein, which is more than other beers.

mighty squirrel beer protein

The Co-Founders told

“We hope people enjoy our craft beer with more protein, and we hope people have many ‘mighty moments’ to celebrate—that is what we are all about.”

mighty squirrel cofounders

Well, luckily for guys, you can drink beer the day before or right after you hit the gym. It's time to get ripped!