NFL Tells DeAngelo Williams He Can't Wear Pink All Season To Honor His Mother Who Died of Breast Cancer

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The NFL denied DeAngelo Williams's request to wear pink all season in honor of his mother whom he lost to breast cancer.

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Williams's mother died in May of 2014. He also lost four of his aunts to breast cancer. Williams has been wearing as much pink as he possibly can since then, but this month he can only wear it for as long as the NFL will allow him to. Starting in November, Williams will no longer be able to honor his deceased mother by wearing pink. He asked the NFL if they could extend his wearing of pink beyond October. What seems like such a simple request to us was denied by the league. He was told that he would have to wear his regular uniform once October ends.

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Apparently the NFL is pretty strict when it comes to what athletes wear on their uniforms. A first offense for a uniform violation would be a fine of $5,787, according to the 31-page rule online given to the players by the NFL.