Nike Golf Film "Ripple" Captures Influence Tiger Had on Rory

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Great athletes serve as role models to the inspired youth, even to future great athletes. Growing up, Tiger Woods idolized Jack Nicklaus; Rory McIlroy grew up idolizing Tiger Woods. Now, both Woods and McIlroy compete side by side, fueled by dreams of being the greatest at their sport.

Nike Golf has created a new film called "Ripple," that captures the influence that Woods had on a young McIlroy. "Ripple" is a story of "relentless pursuit by two remarkable athletes, Woods and McIlroy, and their respective paths to greatness.

In the one- and two-minute versions, viewers witness the inspirational journey of McIlroy who grew up, awe-inspired by Woods's performance. What once was a dream for McIlroy finally becomes a reality for the then young golfer.