Nike Introduces AeroReact Smart Fabric Technology

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AeroReact is the finished product based upon research done by the Nike Explore Team (NXT) sport research lab. For runners, this may just change the way they enjoy running.

Here's why:

Nike developed a bi-component yarn that opens its structure when it senses moisture vapor to maximize breathability to the pores. 

“Many runners were amazed, as they felt that they would either be too hot or too cold at some point during the run, but instead they got to the end and forgot that they were wearing AeroReact,” stated Nike Innovation Project Director Peter Harrison. “That’s brilliant news for us, because we want the athlete to be able to focus on what they love doing and what they do best – not to be distracted by their clothing.”

As if Nike couldn't get more innovative than it already is, here's another one for their lineup. The AeroReact tops shown in this article will be available at starting October 1st.