Nina Strochlic's Online Tour of New York’s Best Secret Libraries

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Scrollilng the internet, I found this amazing story via The Daily Beast.

"New York’s hidden literary gems include an enchanting magic museum, Teddy Roosevelt’s Explorers Club, and the Freemasons’ library." After reading this intro, I was hooked. 30 mins later, I realized how cool America is. There's so much we don't know after all, even if we are home.

Nina Strochlic,a Reporter and Researcher for The Daily Beast says that these hidden gems "make Hogwarts’ Room of Requirement look stale." AndIf you're familiar with the tales of Harry Potter, you would know the School of Hogwarts is a 'viewtiful' place to attend for a 'wizardly' education.

Check out this cool article below by clicking the link, and coming back to HYPEFRESH® to share your thoughts. Let us know what you think about these cool locations!