No Album, But Frank Ocean Stars In Calvin Klein Ad

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No album, but Frank Ocean resurfaces as the most recent face for Calvin Klein's "My Calvins" Campaign.

After the release of his Channel Orange album in 2012, Frank Ocean disappeared. He went completely off the radar, taking his Grammy and accolades with him. Making small appearances like Kanye's Yeezy Season 3 fashion show and listening party, fans have still been waiting for "Boy's Don't Cry". Ocean is no fool and popping up as he pleases seems to be working effectively for the marketing of his album. Featuring his face for "My Calvins" is brilliant and almost annoying at the same time. As a fan, I understand the issue is twofold in today's market. On one side, you have to create the hype as any successful artist would. But on the other, giving a snippet, maybe even a single or two wouldn't hurt his catalogue. Frank is smart. I'll trust him this time around...

Expect to see Frank Ocean discussing the role of music as a "necessary act". Check it our above and if you're like me, let's keep our fingers crossed for an album this month.