"No Catcalling" signs pop up in NYC and Philadelphia

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This is a trend we'd like to see started. 'No Catcalling" signs spread throughout all major cities that appear just as often as parking signs. 50 signs so far have been scattered across the cities, according to Brokelyn, including some near the Barclays Center and Prospect Park.

How did this all start?

Last week, street artist Plastic Jesus used homemade signs to protest the Kardashians and the spectacle that they and other celebrities cause in parts of Los Angeles. They said, "No Kardashian Parking Anytime." Now, a New York-based clothing company called Feminist Apparel has collaborated with activist group Pussy Division to install signs on the streets of New York and Philadelphia to stop people from catcalling. via Complex

A spokesperson for Pussy Division hopes to have signs up in every borough and neighborhood by the end of the week.

Catcalling and other forms of harassment have been issues for a long time, but after this video was captured of a women being catcalled over 100 times while walking in New York City went viral, people started talking. What should be considered harassment? How do you (or should you) respond when it happens? Watch the video and jump in on the conversation.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1XGPvbWn0A]