Scottie Beam and Audra The Rapper Represent For The Ladies At Women On The Rise

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Last Friday, music, art, creativity, and style filled the room as Novum Ent. and Shak McClary presented their event, hosted by Scottie Beam, Women on the Rise, a platform for underground female artist to express their art and showcase their raw talent.

While women have made great strides in pursuit of careers, establishing themselves as major players in the work force and in society, as a whole, women still face challenges found in society. Throughout history, women have played a significant role in all aspects of life and have often not been acknowledged. Through struggles, fights, and even death, they have left a mark and legacy for other women to stand on their shoulders with the foundations they have laid, to rise. That Friday, young ladies took advantage of the platform that was laid for them, stood high on that foundation, and rocked the stage.

The greatest thing beyond talent and dedication to a craft, is support. The millennial of every gender, color and creed came out to show love. The energy that night was filled with a solid vibe of positivity and creativity. Style was expressed through each stitch and thread, the art spoke and told stories from the wall, and draped from different parts of the room were originally and artistically designed clothes. However, above all of that, the most important liveliness that filled the room was the love, respect and appreciation for everyone’s individual, different and expressive styles.

When asked “what does women on the rise mean to you?”, artist and singer Nahla Ward said, “Women on the rise means encouragement, motivation and the rise of a woman. We are here to elevate each other in this male dominated society and this event specifically is meant to bring women in a positive light.

Singer and song writer, Brandon “Lucas” Oakley’s interpretation is that “it is all about artist being women in and outside of the Philadelphia region expressing their art. As an artist myself, you want to come to support others in the hopes they'll support you. If we support each other we can't lose”.

ALEANA, a rising artist said that “it is all about the female community all collaborating to a higher level. It’s not like we're trying to surpass the men, we are just making a lane for ourselves and so far it is successful and very tangible. I am a woman on the rise, making a name for myself and just trying to be a creative and influential individual”.

Los Angeles’ stylist guru, Ivy "CoCo" Maurice defined women on the rise as, “young women who are dedicated and who believe in themselves. If you don't believe in yourself, who will? They make their hustle imperative. They set goals. They see it through and they conquer”.

Guests Scottie Beam and Audra The Rapper solidified this movement with a round-table discussion about women and the industry with Sofiya Ballin. Tackling topics such as sexism, "female" emcees, creativity and empowerment, guests were in for more than a turn up. WOMEN ON THE RISE was a very successful event which sparked and influenced change through art and passion. Check our the recap video and gallery above and stay tuned for the future of First Friday and Women On The Rise.