The True Uproar Behind Mike Brown's Passing

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We live in a very crooked and cruel America - one that's governed and operated by the higher powers that be. Though it can be beautiful at times, there are many loopholes in our communities.

And on this planet are two types of people, the good and the ugly. Mike Brown, a recent high school graduate heading off to college, fell victim to the hands of the 'law' - or at least what's considered to be. Yes, we're speaking about the Police. Specifically, Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department.

How he didn't get indicted nor prosecuted?? We believe that race played a tremendous part in that crooked decision, and of course - the nation is outraged by this outcome.

Many 'good' men and women put their lives on the line to protect the general public behind the badge through state, city and county enforcement. However, there are a handful of the 'ugly' that join the force to do more than to "protect & serve". Quite honestly, the police are a very much needed presence in this 'crooked and cruel' America. When havoc breaks out in various places, we definitely need law enforcement to help and assist those who are law abiding.

 Protesters are raging the streets, defending the death of a U.S. Citizen, who's life was taken unlawfully.

Protesters are raging the streets, defending the death of a U.S. Citizen, who's life was taken unlawfully.

Mike Brown was an African-American honor roll student, heading off to college to make his family proud and to work towards a golden career in life. His ambitions and passions were about to unfold throughout his academic journey. But once again, another shining star was dimmed, as Brown was killed, unlawfully by an "ugly" police officer who took the law too far.

No one knows what sparked the conflict between the officer and Brown, all the public knows is that Brown was unarmed, and deemed not a threat. Sound familiar? This story puts you into the same mindset of the Treyvon v.s. Zimmerman trial. A young African- American man who only was equipped with a pack of Skittles and a refreshing Iced Tea, gunned down by some wannabe, lunatic community watchdog with "ugly" intentions.

What about Eric Garner? He wasn't a teenager at all, yet again an 'ugly' police officer killed him, for what appeared to be no reason at all. He too was unarmed, and not deemed a threat. What's the pattern here? Do you see it?

The pattern is simple: ObviousAfrican-American Police brutality.

We hear these stories all the time in the media, in public, heck - even in the barbershops and salons. Blacks focus their minds on the surface, yet overlooking the true message. "He was a good person". "He was a great father." "He was the sweetest man anyone could befriend." Though these may be honest condolences, the real underlying issue is simple:

"He was a black man, living in a crooked and evil America."

 Brown's mother and step father, mourning their son's tragic passing.

Brown's mother and step father, mourning their son's tragic passing.

No one ever calls it out like this. We as black people simply sugar coat the truth ourselves subliminally overlooking the real issue. Isn't it obvious that there are still many "ugly" people in this world, who constantly who practice classism, racism and hate? Yes, it is. And unfortunately what gives the world a "yin yang" balance are these type individuals.

It's no secret that African-American men get treated indifferently than European citizens. Heck, even our history unfolds the brutal and terrifying journey blacks had to overcome. In a recent video feature on HYPEFRESH® by Johhny Ray-Gill titled "Strange Fruit Hanging"the message was very obvious: "African-American Police Brutality.

In summary, I believe that history is slowly repeating itself. And this is what we as African American citizens do not want. The many lives lost from our ancestors fighting for civil equality is slowing fading from the history books. Let's not overlook what's really happening here. Once again we're experiencing patterns, those very similar to earlier times in America's history.

The question still remains: "What are we gonna do about this as black people?"

The answer??? .....

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