OPINION: The Yeezy Boost - According To HYPEFRESH®

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This sneaker is a showstopper, that will command the attention from everyone in the room. If not for a few seconds - maybe a minute or twenty.

Yes, we're referring to the limited construction of the Yeezy Boost, that Kanye West personally designed himself through Adidas. The fashion world is in a complete frenzy over anything Yeezy drops to the public, mainly because the guy has more taste than the buds on twenty tongues. No jokes here or puns at all.

When we took a moment to fully absorb what we witnessed from simply removing the lid of the shoebox, we heard angels calling, and seen a strong ray of light shine from within the package. When our eyes regained focus, there they were - glowing in our pupils, simply put. It took about 5 mins for that warm, jubial feeling to leave our bodies. And when it did, it was time for action.


According to Adidas.com:

"The YEEZY BOOST is Kanye West’s first collaboration with adidas Originals. The limited-edition sneaker is exquisitely designed featuring beautiful yet simple materials. The silhouette transcends footwear trends and champions the next way of thinking about sneaker fashion."

"Featuring adidas’ coveted boost cushioning technology, the YEEZY BOOST will combine the ultimate in comfort and performance with high-end style. Premium leather and mesh for the ultimate luxury and performance. Full length internal boost™'s energy-returning properties keep every step charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy."

Will they really revolutionize the sneaker world as they once have when YEEZY was in collaboration with NIKE? According to the response of the fans worldwide - maybe. People go for what they know and trust. Kanye has satisified many sneakerheads before, creating shoes that look like something out of the future - for the present. That in itself could simply be enough to do so. But time can only tell in this instance.


Everything about this shoe (in our opinion) is simply amazing. From the keen attention to detail - within minimalism, to the "conceptualized" design, your $350.oo worth of cash spent will be wisely invested. Anyone who champions this sneaker will feel like a King/Queen. Or maybe even a martian, due to their un "earthly" appearance. There's nothing like standing out from the crowd, knowing that everyone will recognize your distinction at a first glance.


For more information or to receive adidas x Yeezy updates, visit adidas.com/us/kanye.