The Top 5 Olympic Torch Fails

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I never thought about the significance of the Olympic Torch until I decided that I no longer wanted to live an ignorant life surrounding the Olympic Games. So, like any other millennial who dosed off in school when talking about Greek methodology and sporting events, I googled it. I read for hours and found the information quite perplexing. But also very interesting.

The Olympic Torch is the symbol of the Olympic Games. Simple right? Not quite. The Olympics date all the way back to Ancient Greece where kings and rulers came together to compete in brutal competitions, each attempting to prove their superiority. The torch relay was later introduced in the 30's. However, the same ancient rituals still apply. The torch is now incorporated within a long relay from Olympia to the site of the games where it is lit until the closing ceremony.

When you are chosen to carry the Olympic Torch, you are a mere vessel to transport the religious and sacred symbol of global peace and unity. With that title comes a huge responsibility, like not f*cking it up. One must possess grace and finesse to endure the lengthy relay. I guess these "runners" are not equipped for such a daunting task because they all fail miserably. From falling to extinguishers and riots, these runners have cursed us for good. Check out the visual above and see for yourself the Top Olympic Torch Relay Fails.