Our Views On Why Drake Should Avoid Interviews

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Last night, Drake sat down for an exclusive conversation with Zane Lowe on OVO Sound Radio Ep. 20 to discuss his 4th studio album, 'Views'. After what seemed to be a half hour delay, Apple decided to release 'Views' on iTunes, causing fans to jump over and leave the interview. But for those who stayed, we learned a great deal about the Canada native. In fact, maybe an hour too much.

With inspiration from seasonal transition, the album revolves around his hometown. 'Views' is the outcome of capturing the cities elements. When asked about his emotional connection, Drake said that each song stands alone. "its a constant stream of my emotions whether it be lover or life or the split lives between LA and Toronto". With collaborations from Party Next Door, DVSN, Rihanna, Wiz Kid and DJ Khaled and Future, and production by 40, we can anticipate that this will sell millions by week 2.

But,lets be honest.No one actually cares about interviews. Listeners tuned in with the anticipation that after the interview, the album stream would be available. And since Apple changed that policy, listeners left. Not because of Drake's artistry, but because he is a bit too honest. We love honesty for the lyrical content, but outside of the music, no one wants to hear him talk 'honestly' for longer than 5 minutes on a good day. And quite frankly, he doesn't need to speak at this point in his career.

I guess I was just expecting some excitement and animation. You know, shit talking, strippers, drugs, parties. The usual shit we hear in his music. Instead, Drake gave us the truth. And no offense, his truth is kinda boring at this stage in his career. And with his success, boring may be a good thing. Drake is definitely growing and maturing into an artist with more than word play on his side. He seems deeply connected to his music, so for that reason we appreciate the creation behind the album. Anything other than that,well is just extra.

So, after I completely bashed the interview, check out Drake speaking exclusively on the 'Views' album, not talking to Nicki Minaj, his connection with Rihanna, a possible joint album with Kanye West and his journey from So Far Gone if you missed it.Otherwise, just jam out to 'Views'

P.S. In the future, I highly recommend that you avoid interviews Drake. No offense dude, your life is just a little boring...Or is it?