Paper Towns Soundtrack Is Nothing Short Of An Adventure

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paper towns soundtrack review

To be honest. I wish I saw the movie before I heard the soundtrack -- Somewhat like most wish they took the time to read a book before they went to see the movie.

Nevertheless, I feel as though I DID get a chance to catch the big screen flick through the listening experience.

If I were to guess what this movie was about, I'd definitely assume it was quite the adventure.

The introduction track, "Be Mine" by Alice Boman set the pace for listeners to get a feel for what might have happened, whether it be a sad moment or simply just a melancholy day. But that vibe certainly didn't last long, as the second track transitions in, the journey of thrill begins.

Listeners are also able to get a smooth taste of what's to come from singer/producer, Santigold, who hasn't released a new track in 3-years prior to her reintroduction on track 11, "Radio".

One track that stood out to me exceptionally was "Search Partyby Sam Bruno. This particular record surfaced toward the end of the project, which helped form a solid opinion of its entirety.

I've heard nothing but great things about this movie, to summarize it with one distinct word--adventure. The executive producers of the soundtrack nailed the feeling with the music selection. Dope.

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