Paul Pierce Announces His Retirement From The NBA

"It's time to move on."
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First there was Kobe. Next it was Duncan. Then Garnett. Now, we can add Paul Pierce to the list of NBA players from the '90s who are calling it a career. Pierce announced that after the 2016-17 NBA season, he will officially retire. 

In a letter on The Player's Tribune, Pierce stated, "It's time to move on from the game of basketball. Just like any difficult decision, I think you've got to be at peace with yourself. I'm at peace with retiring, but I've got one more ride left. One more season. One more opportunity." 


Pierce will go down as one of the NBA's most influential players, spending 15 years with the Boston Celtics. The 10-time NBA All Star will leave an impressive legacy for the future generations of NBA stars to herald. During his career, Pierce averaged 20.6 points and 5.7 rebounds per game which posits him as the 16th player on the all time scoring list. From Boston, Washington and the L.A Clippers, Pierce will finish his career in his hometown and will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest players of his generation.