Paula Patton Opens Up About Life After Divorce

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Paula Patton and Robin Thicke called it quits just over a year prior to date. The two were childhood sweethearts that started a family together, and entered the entertainment industry as a union. However, because of irreconcilable differences between the two, they both decided to part ways peacefully.

Taking time to speak with on her divorce, Patton discusses life as a single mother, and being on the market again for the fellas. Trying her hand at dating, she's found a sense of freedom and empowerment that comes along with it.
“It’s been fun and interesting and I’ve learned a lot about myself.”Patton told Essence in the interview. “I have no idea what I’m doing, but it’s exciting, it’s so fun, I’m having a blast.” Patton believes that single life is mostly about “learning to love yourself, enjoying your time with your friends, your family..." Then afterwards, everything will sort itself out.”

When asked what kind of man she's looking for next, Patton answers:

“You know what the biggest thing is for me? Somebody who really likes to have fun. I want a man, but I want a man that also wants to embrace his inner child. You know? Laugh. Have fun. Enjoy the moment. … I want to be happy. Life is too short.”

And we're happy to hear just that. Brothas, you heard the lady!


Source:The Shade Room