PETA Allegedly Showed Up And Tried To Invade Amber Rose's Book Signing

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Amber Rose recently came out to New York City for a book signing event for her latest book How To Be A Bad Bitch.

PETA allegedly showed up at her book signing event and tried to invade the event.

One individually even took to her Instagram to voice their opinion.

“theamityafflictorif: you were a feminism, you’d be an ethical vegan because feminism also extends to non human animals as well. you wear the fur of FEMALE and male, tortured and skinned alive minks/foxes. you support that torture, to males and females. you are NOT a feminist. go ahead and block me so you don’t feel guilty about being a fake feminist and supporting such a cruel industry and so you don’t get embarrassed. go ahead and block me because you want to deny the truth.”