Pharrell Visits Takashi Murakami’s Studio in Tokyo

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It's been 14 years since Takashi Murakamihas shown a full art exhibition in Japan. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing his return with "The 500 Arhats", his latest project which will be debuting at the Mori Art Museum on October 30th through March 6th 2016. This will obviously be a smash event that will knock art fans's socks off their feet.

Pharrell Williams, slid through Murakami's personal art studio by special invitation to preview what he's bringing to the table after 14 years. And all we can say is, "prepare thyself for what has come", as this exclusive exhibit will showcase the best from Murakami's hand. We now understand why he is praised amongst the artists of the world. Pharrell, who pays homage (as he usually does) during his visit also expresses his gratitude for having this once in a lifetime opportunity, a second time over.

 Pharrell stares in amazement at Murakami's mastery.

Pharrell stares in amazement at Murakami's mastery.

"This is amazing... And i'm so honored to be here for a second time." - Pharrell

If you can fly out to Japan, do so - and be sure to check this out. You won't want to miss this.


Words// Clark Kennedy, HYPEFRESH®

Source & Reference: Fiona Dempsey,MISS BISH