Interact With 20 Years of Pharrell Williams

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After the successful launch of Pink Beach, Pharrell Williams drops a surprise on us all with a fresh new revamp of his personal webpage.

20 years of catalog, 20 years worth of work, in colour and interactive in addition. Compliments his personality if you ask us. Designed in collaboration with creative agency Five Hundred, users can explore his vast collection of music, film, tv, social justice, fashion, art and design projects to date. The landing screen on the home page presents colorful cards sent in by fans worldwide to share their favorite Pharrell pieces. Navigate yourself through the site if you'd like, and create your own personalized card as well! Popular favs are his collaborations with Takashi Murakami, Friends With You, adidas Originals, G-Star and Chanel.

You can visit Pharrell's new site here, and put on for one of the entertainment industry's finest to ever do it.