Phones Will Now Be Able To Tell You If You Are Pregnant

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Pregnancy tests will always be around and it will always be a good market to get into. Which is what an app company decided to do. First Response has created an app that can help determine if you are pregnant.

First Response's app will use Bluetooth to be able to tell if a person is pregnant. However, the app still requires the woman to do a normal pregnancy test. First Response's pregnancy stick will to connect to your phone and while you are waiting to see if you are pregnant or not, the app will entertain you.

The woman can choose three options from the app, "Calm Me, Educate Me, or Entertain Me." If she chooses education, she will see fertility information. If she chooses entertainment, she will see videos from Buzzfeed, and if she chooses "calm me," she will hear meditation music and will also be able to watch breathing technique videos.

The First Response pregnancy test will cost between $15 and $22, but that app itself is free.