Trill Americana' s Philadelphia Photo Frenzy

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Richy "Trill" Americana's photography studio landed in Philadelphia, Pa this past week, as he linked up with rising models in the city for his new tour collabs.

The models that are as listed:@taylorburrella@justfrenchie, @vitaminbree@kingminzly.

Each one all did their thing with the recent shoot, showing off their skills in various different poses for a variety of capture. They all sported local Philadelphia independent clothing brands such as Cult ClassicDia Martin Clothing  Love My Fresh, in support of their brands.

"I just wanted to explore the culture and different lifestyles and backgrounds of the women I shot in Philly". Says Americana. "Through social networking, I was able to connect with a lot of great people and produce work that has taken my career to another level."

You gotta respect everyone involved in this production, as the process is definitely grueling to get the correct shots for the publications that seek to feature. Trill Americana has been doing his craft in photography for years, so luckily these extremely talented girls all benefitted from his expertise. Check out the photos and please, leave your comments in the box below to show your support for them!