Piers Morgan accused of 'delegitimising' #BlackLivesMatter

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Just when things were starting to get better, they're slowly getting worse again.

Piers Morgan was caught on Twitter "deligitimising" the famous hashtag #blacklivesmatter with #alllivesmatter, in response to Marc Lamont Hill of CNN. Many didn't take well to this at all witnessing the exchange between both parties.


Yes, we understand that Piers Morgan is one of the good guys. So, in essence we can assume that no harm was intended. However, when the key focus on 'Black Lives' come into play, he shouldn't have changed the topic so abruptly.

The world witnesses in social media the abuse that African-Americans endure due to racial issues in America. We know that 'white' privilege exists. We understand as a nation the unbalanced, biased judgement of the U.S. judical system towards blacks. It's an issue that is ongoing and unfair. However, it's life and the realities are straightforward.


Piers may have been speaking his piece on the matter, but honestly, #blacklivesmatter is something that's very touchy in American history. Historically and presently.

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