Talk about the future of medicine.

Warning: This video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Ladies and gentleman, the future of medicine is here! Plastic surgeon Matthew Schulman is leading the wave of medicine, posing for his phone camera in scrubs and a facemask to his 1 million plus daily Snapchat followers in the morning with a little teaser: "Today we have an exciting tummy tuck and some lipsuction, so stay tuned!" 

Thanks to the awesome people at Motherboard, we got an inside look at his operating room for an exclusive look at his process. 

With the consent of his patients, Dr. Schulman broadcasts some of his gory yet honest details of surgeries, using his Snapchat as a medium to let his followers watch him slice and dice insert unconscious patients and pack their butts or breasts with silicone. He has received criticism for his spectacle, but he seems unfazed. 

Check it out above and try not to hurl! 

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