The 3D Case That Helps Catch Em All

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What if I told you that you could catch them all? Now what if I told you there was a case that would make that possible? The Pokemon Aimer case is a 3D-printed case for the iPhone 6/6s that allows you to get a perfect throw every time! 


As you can see, the case limits what you can see on the screen but it allows a perfect lane for your finger to swipe! It won't let you go astray from the target, the only concern is that you can't throw curve balls for extra XP *sighs*

If you like this case and have a 3D printer on standby then click here to buy the schematics for it. I'm sure that someone will make this case for you won't have to print it but until then this is all we've got. Let us know what you think about this case and if you'd buy one!