Pokemon Go Is #BreakingTheInternet

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Pokemon Go is literally breaking the internet. At this point if you haven't heard of Pokemon Go it's time to climb from underneath that rock that you're living under and go out and explore. Pokémon GO is an augmented-reality game for iOS and Android devices. It allows you to walk through real life and catch pokemon throughout your travels. While the game has just released it took no time for it to start crashing servers and holding people hostage to a slow log-in process. As a 90's kid I couldn't be any happier but the only problem is that I can't do it at night (unless I want to get ran down on trying to catch a Pikachu in an alley). The upside to this game is that instead of playing the game traditionally (sitting down) you are forced to get up and be active. The Pokemon in the game aren't all in one spot either, there might be one that you need to travel to get so it really makes the idea of "Catching them all" seem damn near impossible. Overall the game seems fun and I'm definitely going to make an effort into trying to catch some, definitely not all. Leave a comment or send us a tweet on what you think of the gameplay experience!