Police Discover A Knife At OJ Simpson's Old House Last Month (Details)

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The Los Angeles police have found a knife at OJ Simpson's old property and are currently testing it. Simpson is serving a 33-year prison sentence right now in Nevada from an arrest in 2007 for a careless robbery heist.

The knife was discovered last month by a retired LAPD officer and new information in connection to the knife is being looked at according to ABC News.

The story as it’s told to us,” Andrew Neiman of the Los Angeles Police Department said at a news conference today, was that a retired LAPD officer, who left the force in the late 1990s, “was working in the area of the Rockingham estate and he claimed an individual” who said he was a construction worker gave him that knife, Neiman said.

Neiman did not release the year the knife was recovered.

LAPD recently discovered the officer had the knife and the LAPD recovered it in the past month, Neiman said. The LAPD is not releasing details on the description of the knife, Neiman said.