Get Joints Delivered Straight to Your Door With Potbox

No, it's not a fancy container to hide your weed.
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If your the smoker who lacks the knowledge or patience of rolling a joint, no worries because you are not alone. In fact, most people who smoke do not have the skill and technique to the roll the most smoke-able joint. So, for you guys, Potbox is the answer. 

Potbox is a premium cannabis service that delivers hand-selected strains straight to your front door every month. Currently in Los Angeles and San Francisco, the service is more of a scientific experiment. Each curator asks what the customer preferences are, then they tailor the selection based on individual needs. 

The boxes arrive with two four gram containers of "ethically grown" buds and two pre-rolled joints sealed with wax in glass tubes. Remember the scientific experiment part? Well yea, each shipment also includes lab results explicitly outlining the THC, CBD and other chemical levels. It even goes as far to detail where it was grown, its species, and much more so you know exactly what you're smoking. So if your'e ever in Cali, make a call, light it up and learn about weed!