Princeton Students Petition Big Sean's Performance At Their College

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Big Sean 2014 by Robert Wunsch

Looks like some Princeton students don't mess with Big Sean.

According to The Daily Princetonian, several students expressed their concern for Big Sean's upcoming performance after Duncan Hosie '16 and Rebecca Basaldua '15 started a petition urging the Undergraduate Student Government to stop the rapper from performing at Princeton.

“After I saw that video, I started researching Big Sean’s language and I found language that was both misogynistic and homophobic,” Hosie said. “We wrote an op-ed piece that we published on Google Docs [on Sunday] and wanted to see the number of supporters. Right now, close to 500 people have signed.”

Posters were hung up around campus containing Big Sean's explicit lyrics. Hosie said that the "posters hung around campus containing sexually explicit Big Sean lyrics, intended to urge students to protest the selection of Big Sean, were not his or Basaldua's doing."

Although students are raising their voices and displeasure, the petition may be too late.

“The contracts are signed and it’s unrealistic to stop this from happening,” Wu said. “The best way to move this in a productive way is to see how we can improve the selection process.”