Protect your balls this winter with HEATTECH

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The frigid winter months are inevitably ahead and we are enjoying the last comfortable fall days. In a few weeks, fall will be thickening and soon winter will be here before we know it. So a small portion of your next check should be devoted to buying some layers. And by layers, I mean thermals.

A couple of winters ago, a friend bought me a pair of HEATTECH thermals from UNIQLO and they changed my life. For one, I still have them! Guys, that's how awesome they are. Thin, warm and best of all, inexpensive, these are the go-to for every guy this winter if you don't want to freeze your balls off.

With bio-warming, insulating, and moisturizing features to keep you comfortable in cold weather, HEATHECH is the next best thing. Actually, it's the best. So, go to UNIQLO or order them online here. Trust me, your balls with thank you.

Leggings, $19.90, available at
Striped T-shirt, $19.90, available at

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