Psylence Speaks Louder Than Words

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The majority of fashion editorials are boring. And the others are mere replications of the most recent trends. So, when the creators of Psylence released their trippy, psychedelic visual, my mind was blown.


Fashion designer Jonathan Burdine and music producer Tyce are the masterminds and creative directors behind the brand. They have created what they call a “MUSION” in a recent interview with Megan Berberich. Through this “MUSION”, they pushed all the boundaries using contrasting, black and white illusions and distorted visual editing, making this a bold approach on the synergy between fashion and music.


The presentation is exciting, the aesthetic is imaginative and the clothing is dope. Its brave, chic, street wear executed at the highest level of creativity. It is the future of HIP HOP. It's retro, yet futuristic, edgy and stylish. But, most of all, everything about the aesthetic is different. And we like different around here. We like that at first glance your mind is perplexed. It should be-it's art. It creates a sensory experience. That is why Psylence is the future of synergy and design.
If you are as in love as we are at HypeFresh, check out their online store here!

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