Why Queenzflip Is Instagram's Next Best Comedian

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Introducing Queenzflip (@iamqueenzflip), a rising entertainer based out the borough of Queens, NY.

Whether you've been familiarized with his name or not, while you're out and about living life - Queenzflip is too. However in his case, he may be 'jokingly' terrorizing your neighborhood for the sake of laughs and likes. Known most for his virally-trending Instagram account (loaded with various public pranks) he's also the father of three beautiful children he's raising under his own wing. In addition, he's progressively becoming a recognized public icon in the world of social media comedy.

And it makes complete sense why his career is booming - he's living his life with moral integrity, while making career strides.

 Queenzflip, the Family Man.

Queenzflip, the Family Man.

 A true 'OG'.

A true 'OG'.

Though most of Queenzflip's jokes could be perceived as 'crossing the line', he means no harm to his prank-ees, apologizing and revealing all that was for the hidden cameras nearby. He even pranks friends, family, celebrities... even ex-girlfriends who are next up on his hit-list. And while most laugh it off, not everyone does.

Our opinion? This guy is easily one of Instagram's next best comedians. His organic remedies through pranking is key for the human soul. And besides, who doesn't need a true, healthy laugh that isn't derived from violence, cruelty or sexism. Honest, clean fun - everyday, all day. We'd expect to see Queenzflip getting picked up by Hollywood in the near future if he keeps this streak going. And it's not hard to do, especially when your Instagram account is filled with homegrown sketches with thousands of likes.

So if you have a moment, check out Queenzflip on Instagram, and catch a few laughs for the day. We promise, you'll laugh your way straight back into work, home or wherever the hell your GPS is taking you.

Below, we handpicked one of his most hilarious sketches, where he snaps out to some of Hip-Hop's greatest hits.