Read Questlove’s Account Of The Wild, Unpredictable 2000 Detroit Electronic Music Festival

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Questlove may be a humble, resererved and quiet individual for the most part. However he does open up to share his thoughts through journalism and writing.

Many of you may be familiar with his 6 part essay Read Questlove’s Account Of The Wild, Unpredictable 2000 Detroit Electronic Music Festival last year which really opened the door to a true account of many different paradigms directly written through his pen. This year, he's opening up on true accounts of events he's visited and taken apart of.

In turn, it's an vicarious experience we all can live through his footsteps.



Questlove speaks on the account of the wild and unpredictable 2000 Detroit Electronic Music Festival which was very interesting to say the least. Now you too can walk in his shoes and experience it through your own mind.

Surprising, his opportunity to drum at this particular event almost took a turn for the worst, leaving him in a position where he may have not been able to drum that day. Here's why.

According to Questlove via

"Most of the weekend’s hip-hop was on day two, with Mayor Archer introducing Slum Village on the main stage. J Dilla – then known as Jay Dee – hung with dance as well as hip-hop producers, and remixed acts for Planet E. He also hipped Questlove to the Thomas Bangalter twelve-inches on Roulé he was sampling, turning Quest into a Daft Punk fan."

“The stage was set up weird – not a place that was ready for a band,” says Questlove. Instead of a staircase, he had to step on a plastic milk crate to get onstage. “At the time, I was dangerously obese – about 420 pounds. I took one step on the milk crate and my foot went right through it. It went three inches into [my leg]. When you get stabbed you don’t try to yank it out” – but he did. Then he got on the riser and played a two-hour set with blood pouring from his right leg. “Because of the adrenaline, it was painless.

And of course, being mortified in front of thousands of people – and my idol, Dilla – I played it off like I wasn’t hurt.” When they finished, Questlove forewent a hospital visit because Dilla wanted to play him a new remix. “He said, ‘What about your leg?’” That summer, the drummer began a diet, eventually shedding 150 pounds."

The above is quoted from "The Underground Is Massive", and appears on Red Bull Music Academy, which you should read through the entire piece to get the entire story.