Reebok's® YS The DJ Gives Insight Into His World

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HYPEFRESH® caught up with the one and only YS The DJ, (Reebok Classic's lead brand ambassador in Philadelphia, PA) at Reebok's 2014 annual Breakout Summer Tournament. We had a few questions to ask knowing his history as a DJ, and wanted pick his brain for a few mins to discuss various topics. Apparently, YS is doing a lot more off the camera than he is on it, Contributing his craft and many talents to upcoming DJ's and aspiring music producers.

For YS, music is a passion that comes from within his soul. It gives him the daily motivation to do what he does best: impact. Serving as not only a social icon in the community, but also as a role model to the many young people he influences regularly through Reebok. He's a huge advocate of sharing wisdom to those who desires it, mainly the ones who follow him.

Enjoy the convo we caught with the soul brother, and be sure to leave your comments in the box below!