Relationship Goals: Lottery Winner Spent $9 Million On Her Fiance's Bail

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Talk about being committed in a relationship jeez, I don't know if I would do this with a fiance who's been in jail several times.

Maria Holmes, who was the lottery winner in February, has paid her fiance's bail, which was set at $6 million. Her fiance Hot Sauce is an alleged drug dealer who was arrested previously for his alleged involvement in a heroin racket back in November, which she spent $3 million on his bail, and was arrested again this time for violating his pre-trial curfew.

Holmes did not let her bail payment be a mystery to anyone, telling everyone to stay out of her business on Facebook.

What Y’all need to be worried about is Y’all money and not how I spend mine this is benefitting Y’all how? And no he’s no drug dealer or user but who are Y’all to judge anybody? I will definitely pray for Y’all because it’s much need…they talked about Jesus so I’m not surprised Y’all are talking about me but be blessed though.

I would've saved $9 million...just saying.

Source: Complex UK