Report: Knicks Lost Respect For Derek Fisher After Messing With Matt Barnes' Wife

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Drama never goes away, and it definitely doesn't seem to be able to leave the New York Knicks alone.

After news of Derek Fisher being fired as head coach of the Knicks serviced, more information about the Knicks players feelings about the situation have surfaced. It appears that the players had problems with him because he started seeing someone in the middle of the New York Knicks' training camp.

According to Wojo:

"As a young NBA coach, the fastest path to losing a locker room comes this way: Behave like a player. To fly to California and visit a girlfriend in the middle of the New York Knicks’ training camp – engaging Matt Barnes in a Tom-and-Jerry tussle-and-chase – cost Derek Fisher dearly. Fisher lost the moral high ground inside Madison Square Garden, lost a measure of gravitas as a leader of men.

The embarrassment of his unfilmed “Real Housewives” episode didn’t cost Fisher his job as Knicks coach, but it did start him on a slippery slope toward his firing on Monday. That October weekend odyssey was Fisher’s choice, and the blame for it all – including the failure to return to New York in time to conduct a Knicks practice – belongs to him."

Will the Knicks ever catch a break? Who knows.