Anthony Hamilton & The Hamiltones Pay "Respeck" To Birdman

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Anthony Hamilton and the Hamiltones do their version of Birdman's "Respeck", which appeared on The Breakfast Club just a few days prior.

The altercation which occured was a mystery to those in the studio (C. Da God, DJ Envy & Angela Yee) who are all the daily hosts of the morning radio broadcast. Apparently, Birdman had an issue with a comment or two the Breakfast club may have made in the past. Coming into the studio with 7-8 goons by his side, Birdman laid down the law in his southern fashion. However, his english wasn't that great. Since then, the world of social media has been on fire. Memes, videos, songs - even aparrel with the now famous quote "Put some respeck on it." has surfaced worldwide. In an effortless attempt to speak man to man with C. Da God, Birdman has created an iconic saying that the people are loving.

Check out this hilarious video below. Something as simple as this is all thats needed to lighten the situation.