Review: Meg Myers' 'Sorry' is Overflowing with Emotion

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Meg Myers is a singer-songwriter, originally from the Smokey Mountains. Myers moved to Los Angeles to pursue music and she met Doctor Rosen Rosen, who signed her to his production company. In 2012, Myers signed to Atlantic Records. Prior to Sorry, Myers has released two EPs, Make a Shadow (2014) and Daughter in the Choir (2012),

In her first LP, Myers gets down and dirty with her emotions. Sorry is raw and real the whole way through this 10-song album. You can hear punk and grunge influences in her refreshingly new take on alternative rock music. She sings with a fierce intensity that pierces your soul and deep-down to the core.

With this intensity, she still keeps her polish, with tight production and clean tracks. Amid the aggressive punk tracks we find Myers switching it up a bit with "A Bolt From the Blue." This song has an MGMT/electronic vibe to the track. It's nice to see the song placed in the middle of such heavy sounding songs.

Myers' lyrics really punch the listener right in the gut, especially anyone who is going through a rough patch in a friendship or relationship. Myers belts out these painstakingly honest lyrics in "Parade."

"because I really love you baby, but I'll never love you baby"

"you're more than enough it's crazy, but I'll never love you baby"

For Myer's first full-length, she shows us that she can bring the heat. Listen to the entire thing right here.

Notable tracks:

  • Sorry
  • Bolt from the Blue
  • Parade