Inside The Eight Palms Wine Country Estate

Logical, functional and consistent.
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Gary Friedman, the owner of Restoration Hardware worked with his team to reconstruct the Eight Palms Estate. Originally a modern home, Gary utilized a logical and functional design aesthetic to re-imagine and clothe the 5,772 square foot home. Atop a diagonal floor plan, the home features six bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms, a line-lap pool, outdoor kitchen, guesthouse, massage room, yoga studio, gym and organic garden. But the most interesting fact is that the project was powered solely by Restoration Hardware. 

The Eight Palms Estate was nothing more than a typical home that underwent remodeling and the ultimate neglect. But Gary's unwavering creativity, imagination and architectural design skills (and his RH team) was able to transform the home into a "controlled" work of art. There is structure and balance, leaving no space singularly wondering or left unattended. Fully furnished, the home is accented with brass and gray undertones throughout the entire home, creating a simple, structured and minimalist living area. Simplicity was the mantra. But, trust me, if you know anything about Restoration Hardware, then you know it's a matter of semantics. The Eight Palms Estate solidifies why Restoration Hardware is leading the wave in profound architectural experiences. Check out the gallery above and find more information here