Rick Rubin Believes Artists Need To Be the Best Version Of Themselves To Succeed

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rick rubin interview

Rick Rubin sat down with author/entrepreneur/investor/public speaker Tim Ferris for an interview. In the interview, Rubin talked about mainstream success, the importance of "submerging yourself in great art," and dishes out a little advice. To listen to the entire podcast, click here.

On the importance of incremental progress: "I think if your goal is to be better than you were, if you're competing only with yourself, it's a more realistic place to be."

On impediments to art-making: "There are so many things that get in the way of the artistic process. For example, any commercial considerations usually get in the way. If you're thinking about making songs that get on the radio, chances are you won't be using your own voice… [It's about] getting closer to the source and not being distracted by any nonsense that would get in the way of the art being as good as it could be."

On mainstream success: "The idea of watering things down for a mainstream audience, I don't think it applies. People want things that are passionate, that are the best version they can be. And often the best version they can be is not for everybody." - via Fader

Source: Fader