Rita Ora Poses Topless On Lui Magazine

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The phrase "sex sells" has always been used in promotion for almost everything, and Rita Ora on the cover of "Lui" magazine is no exception.

Ora is on the cover of Lui magazine, with a leather skirt, blue buttoned-up shirt, and had her breasts exposed. Ora has gotten a lot of feedback from the cover, and a lot of backslash on social media. When asked about the cover and the comments from people, and Ora explained her reasoning behind the cover to the Hollywood reporter.

"My new single is called 'Body on Me,' and it's about your body and feeling comfortable in who you are, so I thought, 'I would wear the same thing at home with my friends, why not do it at my own concert? Miley is the main supporter of that message of being comfortable in your own skin. Madonna started it," Ora said. "Artists who are willing to do it only come along once in a blue moon."